KUB Crib Mattress

Our mattress (52" x 28" x 4"), fits all standard-size cribs.

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Sleep tight, babies! Our 4 inches thick mattress features a 100% breathable core and a 100% natural fabric cover, cuddling your little one in ultimate comfort.

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Healthy sleep for your precious baby

Our mattress offers firm support for your baby’s spine, ensuring optimal sleep and increased spinal protection. Made from natural materials, its breathable design prevents rashes and uncomfortable heat, providing your little one with a comfortable sleep.


Unique ultra-soft yarn for maximum comfort

Air fiber, washable for enuresis

Easy maintenance. Machine washable

Reduce waste, offer hypoallergenic sleep

Wrap your little one in the purest comfort

A 10 cm thick mattress for your baby: Featuring a 100% natural cover made from raw linen and cotton blend fabric, free from chemicals, and a 100% breathable core that ensures their comfort and your peace of mind.

100% Natural

100% Breathable

100% Washable


Multilayer structure for a 360º air flow

With our cutting-edge airflow technology, your baby breathes effortlessly, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment. Crafted with utmost care using organic materials and a gentle touch, our product seamlessly combines firm support with cozy softness, prioritizing your baby’s comfort.


Experience the pinnacle of comfort and safety with our European designed baby mattress.


Designed for their best rest

With over 1,000 support points, providing highly elastic support that outperforms a regular mattress and stands the test of time.


Natural textiles

Our collection of 100% natural and organic fabrics invites you to experience the essence of nature in every texture. Inspired by the natural world, these fabrics are crafted with care to provide your baby with a unique experience of comfort and quality.


The best comfort

Each fabric has been meticulously chosen to provide your baby with an unmatched experience of softness and quality. We prioritize the comfort and well-being of the baby.


What they deserve

We work with absolute dedication in all our products to achieve the best outcomes for your baby. Each design provides everything your baby deserves.

Emily Johnson

The fabric is very soft to the touch with my baby’s skin. Natural look and elegant design. Thank you!

Olivia Davis

The softness and eco-friendly aspects make it a must for my baby’s comfort. Highly recommended!

Hannah Mitchell

The softness against their skin and the knowledge of contributing to a healthier planet. Love this.

Lisa Brown

This collection is wonderful and of very good quality. I also loved the “Natural Parenting” approach. What a true discovery!

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