Postpartum Belly Band

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KUB has always been there for every mom through her happy and struggling times. This postpartum girdle and pelvic girdle reduce the burden on the abdomen, pelvis, hips, and lower back. The abdominal binder post-surgery acts as an external spine to take on the support you need in your normal range of motion.

Size: M

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Breathable and soft material

The postpartum compression underwear is made of comfortable and lightweight material, making it easy for you to go about your daily life. It also corrects your usual wrong posture and provides proper back and lumbar support.


Reduces burden on abdomen and back

Breathable and soft material

Ergonomic lumbar and pelvic support

Aids in postpartum and diastasis recti recovery

Ergonomic Support

The waist belt provides lumbar support, targeting back and lumbar stress caused by breastfeeding and frequent bending motions. The pelvis belt stabilizes the sacroiliac joint and prevents the bones from moving against each other. A scientific way to recover your posture in shape.